We are surrounded, even bombarded with hundreds of images every day. We receive an abundance of visual stimulus from Facebook, TV and the Internet, even if we only see these visuals for a fleeting moment.

As a lovely contrast, it is calming, even restorative to slow things down and enjoy the physical experience of art. Imagine less volume of imagery, in place of something longer lasting and incredible.

Nothing compares to seeing something in person.  


The impact of art on your wall is not to be overlooked. Authentic photographic artworks deliver so many things, including:

  • Art creates an atmosphere
  •  Art can be exciting and inspiring
  •  Art can add further colour and character to your home
  •  Art can become a focal point for a room
  • “Art is like salt, pepper or chilli – it adds spice to life and encourages you to be inspired.”  Nicolia Monies – Jeweller – Copenhagen.


And by far, the most personal benefit is…

By adding your choice of art, you express your style while also setting your home apart.


To get you in the mood for selecting a new piece of astounding wall art, let’s consider two possible options.

Do I go bold and create an eye-catching focal point?


Do I go with more subtle design and tones to compliment the rest of the colour scheme? To blend in and be a team player…

Here are a few tips for you to consider, when making the decision for you and your home.



Tip 1.

If you have mostly neutral furnishings, they provide a ‘blank canvas’ if you like…

Your choice of artwork can create a contrast to the interior, instead of trying to match what is there now.

This gives you a free rein, as you can be guided by the artwork that moves you, regardless of its style, shape or colour palette.


Tip 2.

Once you have found the artwork that moves you, then you can draw inspiration from the artwork for items like cushions or vases to reflect some colours from your art. These ‘accents’ will serve to tie the room together.

Repeating colours within the artwork (accents), increases the artworks impact in the room.


Tip 3.

There is no end to the possible visual subject matter of art. It could be for example, a stunning Melbourne street scene, busting with life, character and colour. Like the ‘Street Art’ photographic artwork seen above.

Alternatively, you may like to make a splash with an abstract photo art: rich in colour along with a sense of movement in the design. For example, ‘Natures Shape # 4’ seen below.

Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art NATURES SHAPE 4

GOING BOLD. Instead of trying to match your interior, this option gives you free rein to select art that moves you. Art on the wall ‘Natures Shape # 4’



Then there is the second option…


Tip 1.

An alternative approach when selecting an artwork is to select a piece that matches or blends with your interior.

This involves selecting an artwork which combines colours, shapes, forms, and styles that are completely in unison with your interior.

This gives harmony where the artwork is a team player, rather than the star.


Tip 2.

Choices, choices! Don’t despair. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. Having choice is not only inspiring – it is essential!


And for one last overarching tip, not specific to being bold or subtle…

As you look at art, you will know what you like. So trust yourself and go with your instincts. Your taste in art will be entirely personal, so why not choose something you love.

Art bought with your heart will never disappoint.


Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art LIQUID SCULPTURE NEUTRAL 01

BEING SUBTLE. Select an artwork in unison with your interior. The art will be a team player, rather than a star. Art on the wall ’01 Liquid Sculpture – Neutral’


Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art SHADOW PLAY 06

BEING SUBTLE. Art on the wall ‘Shadow Play 06’. Photographic artwork by Michael Collins.


Visual Resource enjoy art in the physical form not just on a small screen

Feeling bombarded by images? Keep in mind… Nothing compares to seeing something in person. And the impact of art on your wall is not to be overlooked.